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Video Descriptions
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  1. How Crazy Does it Have to Get Part 1: “Recognize the signs of a friend’s drug problem

  2. How Crazy Does it have to Get Part 2: “Get help for a friend with a drug problem

  3. You’re An Idiot: “Make the effort to help a friend fight drug abuse

  4. The Drug Dealer: “Sharing prescription drugs is a bad idea

  5. Tackled: “Tackle drug use head on

  6. Aztec Nights: “Just a short trip away from the fun

  7. Not Our Problem: “Don’t let a drunk friend drive

  8. What Students Are Saying: “Would you use an anonymous reporting website?

  9. Suicide Prevention: “What a student needs to know

  10. Help for Stress: “There’s an easy way to get help

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